I Hate Graffiti


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I Hate Graffiti

There is a bike/pedestrian path which was a railway line. It runs from the Barker St, Barn Rd., St. Crispins roundabout to Costessey. Along it is a bridge that crosses the river Wensum, which is all heavy duty, thick metal girders and rivets. It had recently been painted black, to preserve a testament to our heritage. Then some mindless moron vandalised it with spray paint. I photographed the bridge, for the angles it exhibited, with a view to erase the offending marks in the computer. In the background is a big black, heavy-duty plastic sheet. It was being used by a farmer to cover a load of manure. In the process of creating the picture, I inadvertently twisted the image of the bridge to great effect. I thought “hell, leave the vandalism for all to see”. (A1).

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Dimensions 84.1 × 59.4 cm