Mike Askew Art

Instead of using a pencil or paintbrush, I use a camera and a computer. I have always been inspired by Surrealist imagery, simply because it confronts the viewer with a unique presentation, that has a visual impact. It is unexpected and remarkable. It encourages the eyes to wander, and the mind to wonder. I have always been influenced by collage. I started by using magazine cut-outs; progressing to using my own photographic prints, and now a digital camera with the computer, which gives me a greater freedom of expression and possibilities.

When I look through the viewfinder, I see an urban world of cracked pavements, electricity pylons, motorways, bridges and office blocks. I photograph anything and everything that catches my attention. Those white lines in the sky and on the roads, tables and stairs, ladders and chairs. I capture those disparate images and collage them to create a picture, that I didn’t even conceive at its conception, but worked through to its final conclusion.

I try to realise a surprising and intriguing combination, of symmetry and incongruity. I want you to look at these pictures and be bewildered or smile, and think (WTF!).  I’m trying to create something which is extraordinary, brilliant and beautiful……………….

I am a member of the Visual Artists Association.


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