Mike Askew Art

Mike Askew Art

Instead of using a pencil or paintbrush, I use a camera and a computer. I have always been inspired by Surrealist imagery, simply because it confronts the viewer with a unique presentation, that has a visual impact. It is unexpected and remarkable. It encourages the eyes to wander, and the mind to wonder. I have always been influenced by collage. I started by using magazine cut-outs; progressing to using my own photographic prints, and now a digital camera with the computer, which gives me a greater freedom of expression and possibilities.

When I look at the world through the viewfinder, I see an urban world of cracked pavements, electricity pylons, motorways, bridges and office blocks. The people I meet and see. I photograph anything and everything that catches my attention. Those white lines in the sky and on the roads, tables and stairs, ladders and chairs. I capture those disparate images and collage them to create a picture, that I didn’t even perceive at its conception, but worked through to a satisfactory conclusion. There might be three or thirty different components, collaged and composed, to find their final resting place on the canvas.

I try to realise a surprising and intriguing combination, of symmetry and incongruity. I want you to look at these pictures and be bewildered or smile, and be amazed ….  I’m trying to create something which is extraordinary, brilliant and I hope, has a magical resonance . I like to think of them as visual poems. I have an extensive portfolio, and I have submitted those pictures I think are worthwhile, and reflect my ever evolving observations and inspiration, whilst discovering new techniques to express myself.

I am currently exhibiting, with other artists, in the Euphoria Virtual Gallery, Room3. The excellent gallery is being hosted by Holy Art., which can be accessed on its website theholyart.com. The first exhibition runs to the 6th December 2023, and the second, until 6th January 2024.






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