Going Nowhere In Particular Part 2.


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Going Nowhere In Particular Part 2.

My attention was caught by traffic signs, which direct motorists to which side of a junction they must follow. They are illuminated from inside for the night time. I noticed there are a few different designs, so I catalogued some that I came across. Usually the arrows point to 4 o’clock or 8 o’clock. Perversely I have re-directed them. I thought I would contort the bollards to make them look more interesting, and strange. Finding somewhere to locate them, I eventually introduced a stitched landscape at Wave Rock in Australia. This is on the top of the extraordinary geological feature, with my nephew Nick looking at a view which stretches for miles. (IR – 84.07 x 59.44cm).

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Dimensions 118.9 × 51.04 cm