Basso Ensemble 2




Basso Ensemble 2

Whilst I was creating this picture, the phrase ‘Basso Profound’ kept cropping up in my mind. The phrase, as a title, was inappropriate for the image, but I preferred ‘Basso Ensemble’. The Double Bass was in the shop window of Cookes Pianos on St.Benedicts St. (see ‘Overture’). I took a couple of photographs, but settled on the side-on view, to avoid the shadow and reflection I was casting. Later, at home, I noticed the sun streaming across the coffee table, and remembered a few photos I had taken. This is one of those occasions when something occurs, worthy of a speculative shot. Hence the wine glass, which was taken exactly a year ago. With those two images together, I was looking to fill the top part of the frame. I thought some clouds,…but found the clocktower. It is in Eaton Park, by the model boating lake. Yes the dial is back to front!..I had to reverse the image, to accommodate the light direction. (IR 76.12 x 70.02cm).

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Dimensions 76.12 × 70.02 cm