On An Island In The Sun

The island is a collage of new groundworks that were taking place, on Moore Drive near Joondalup. The sun of course was in Australia. This collage is of a pedestrian island. The distressed metal chairs can be found outside the famous Grosvenor Fish Bar, overlooking the green in front of St. Gregorys church. The shadows can be found in the computer! Of course, I twisted the row of chairs to suit the composition.

Cubist Runners

This one of two pictures I created from the runners,(see ‘In Their Own Bubble’). The landscape is in Australia. The silhouettes are of runners participating in a race, here in Norwich. Looking through the bodies, is a collage of a public installation, next to the railway station in Adelaide. They are coloured blocks, set in a grid, about knee high. I arrived at this image after a lot of experimenting with different pictures to ‘fill the void’.