Trolley River

Walking by the river, where the railway station is, I noticed some canoes parked up/moored. They had taken on a fanlike configuration, and looked quite surreal. I took q few shots from different angles. A day later, being in the Longwater shopping precinct, I came across the usual cram of supermarket trolleys (guess which supermarket), which I had to photograph. I then had the idea of combining the two disparate elements, which proved to be an arresting image. As you can see, the canoes are for hire, for people to paddle down the River Wensum.

Bascule Bridge Liverpool

This is a collage of two different views of the bridge. The sunset was happening at the time I was photographing, only in different part of the view. I used the sunset after cutting away all the buildings that were behind the superstructure of the bridge. I used another shot of the bridge in ‘Half Way Down The Regent Road’.

Cromer 23.8.20

A lovely Sunday at Cromer,… the sea is blue and green, and the kids are trying to surf on a two foot wave. This is a montage of three photos of the same view, from the pier. i have applied a filter to embellish the picture, and the mood of the day.

Half Way Down The Regent Road

I went, with some of my family, to celebrate my Aunty Marys 100th birthday. We stayed at a B&B, just off the Regent road which runs along what used to a thriving dockside. I went out for a walk and was impressed by a very grand brick building, called Tobacco Warehouse. It is being refurbished to become a block of luxury apartments. Also on the road, to one side, is the Bascule Bridge, a drawbridge which obviously let cargoes of tobacco in, to an inner dock for unloading. Collaged behind the bridge is a view going through the Mersey Tunnel. I have put a factory roofline at the bottom of the building to cover over all the fencing and detritus that was there. I have called the picture Half Way….because the image is in two halves. Sadly, and to be expected, Aunty Mary passed away, a few weeks later. R.I.P. Mary Owens (9.8.1920 – 2.9.2020).

Going Nowhere In Particular

The roundabout street furniture, is on White Lady Lane, off the Sprowston Road. It looks as though it belongs on a busy motorway, but is in a quiet residential street. I thought it to be a very striking object. I didn’t know what to do with it. I was thinking of putting it in the middle of nowhere, when I remembered the sugar fields in Queensland, especially outside Bunderberg. One photo was perfect, and of course I had a different photo of the roundabout marker, which I flipped around to add to the conceit.

Geology 2

A crumbling brick wall, in the sunshine, and a small wooden puzzle ornament that slots together. I took a few photos of the star shaped item at different aspects, and sized the objects differently. I wanted them to fuse with the wall so I reduced their opacity, which seems to work quite well.

Another Lovelorn Godforsaken Dream

Sometimes I will trawl through my ‘library’ of photos, and might pick out an interesting image. Then I might see another picture that has nothing in common, with the first; and move on. Two or three more might grab my attention, then I start to experiment and compose some semblance of a narrative, introducing or discarding the components, as I go on. This is a good example of something that came out of such a process. The amphitheatre is at the University, the lion is on the steps of City Hall, and the other object,.. is part of a wheel assembly of a train; at the top right of the image. The title came out of the blue. Perhaps I wasn’t in a good mood (?)