Trying To Get Airborne


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Trying To Get Airborne

Looking through the cutlery drawer, I was drawn to the two wine bottle openers I had, which of course have become redundant. With the beer bottle lever at the top, and the arms, it can give the resemblance of a figure. As the arms are used to lever the cork out of the bottle, so one can imagine the up and down motion of wings. I photographed the openers as you can see, and arranged them accordingly. I wanted to give the impression of blurred movement, so duplicated the openers and gave them a gradated opacity. I found the image of a dilapidated shed, which seemed like a good background, because of its sympathetic colouring. You will notice an opener, which is an all purpose barmans aid. I looks a bit like a pet dog? (IR – 99.73 x 84.07cm).

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Dimensions 84.07 × 99.73 cm