Sockets V Spanners


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Sockets V Spanners

Which are the more efficient? the spanner or the socket set? Anyway, the array of sockets belonged to my nephew Nick, who was working on a car as usual, and the sockets were on the garage floor , with the sun highlighting them. I can’t remember where the spanners came from, but you can see I threw them on the ground and photographed them. The wooden planks were floorboards, that were arranged to walk across during a house renovation. Beyond the floorboards is a path outside a house. All four images were done at different times and places, without any idea of bringing them together. After a while, and some playing around, I realised the end result. I created the shadows for the planks and spanners, to compliment those that already existed with the socket set. (A2).

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Dimensions 59.4 × 42.0 cm