High Noon; Staff Lunch2


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Where do I start with this picture? Amanda hates having her photograph taken. She is the gardener who works in the walled garden at Wiveton Hall. I liked the leather holster she wears, which holds some gardening implements. Next comes the swing doors, which separate the restaurant from the potroom, so I asked J.C. (with his cowboy hat) – who is the gamekeeper – to pretend to be coming through them. Can you see a theme emerging? I have included Jordan (Chef) and James (Head Chef) behind J.C. to be onlookers. The skirting board either side of the door has been extended. Lee (Maintenance Man), who I photographed one night as he stumbled into our caravan, was the last part of the composition, after I put a gun in his hand….High Noon is when the estate workers come in for their lunch…Geddit?