Dinosaur Bones 2


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Dinosaur Bones 2

I came across a pile of logs, which were big tree trunks, recently cut. Laid on top were three rusty, articulated interlocking links (like a huge metal watch strap). I presumed they were wrapped around the trunk, to lift and manoeuvre with a crane. I photographed them at few different angles. To me, I immediately thought they looked like skeletal bones. The hills behind, are four montaged views of a recreational cycle track, at Sloughbottom Park, for kids on their BMX bikes, to zoom up and down, around the circuit. I revisited the wood pile, to find the straps had been used since, and left in different positions, so took a few more shots. one of the photos resulted in the pile of bones in the background. (A1).

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Dimensions 84.1 × 59.4 cm