Diminishing Hope



Diminishing Hope

This was done at a time when I was unemployed and feeling miserable. The bike, which was still locked to some railings, had been vandalised and its wheels stolen,… summed it all up for me. It is larger than it should be, in the composition. Overhead is the A11 flyover/bridge, which spans the river Yare, at Cringleford. There is a footpath that runs along the river from the university to Eaton. The bridge pillars were heavily graffitied, so I substituted them with the column of a street camera. The grassed amphitheatre can be found at Roma Street Parkland, near the Brisbane city centre. I’ve written; ‘At least it’s got a bell. (the bike), And much less said. Under the corrosive drone. Of the traffic overhead.’ I felt like the bike. Unable to move whilst every one else was zooming along overhead. (A1).

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Dimensions 84.1 × 59.4 cm