Different Times, Different Places



Different Times, Different Places

One photographer who I admire, and inspires me is, Henri Cartier-Bresson. I wouldn’t try to compare myself with him, but the group shot you see, attracted me immediately enough, to press the button, as a homage to his style. This is a photograph of family members, having a picnic in Kings Park, Perth. Of course, there are no windmills or chess pieces on a chequered board in the park, nor for that matter a crashed jet airliner! I won’t bother to explain where the other elements of the picture came from, or why I selected them. Suffice to say I think the resulting image, is so very surreal and restful. (My other inspirational photographer is Bill Brandt). (IR – 59.4 x 63.26cm).

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Dimensions 59.44 × 63.26 cm