Another Lovelorn Godforsaken Dream


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Another Lovelorn Godforsaken Dream

Sometimes I will trawl through my ‘library’ of photos, and might pick out an interesting image. Then I might see another picture that has nothing in common, with the first; and move on. Two or three more might grab my attention, then I start to experiment and compose some semblance of a narrative, introducing or discarding the components, as I go on. This is a good example of something that came out of such a process. The amphitheatre is at the University, the lion is on the steps of City Hall, and the other object,.. is part of a wheel assembly of a train; at the top right of the image. The title came out of the blue. Perhaps I wasn’t in a good mood (?) (A1).

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Dimensions 84.1 × 59.4 cm