And So It Begins; The End


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There is a walkway which runs north of Lowestoft from and along Gas Works Rd. It is at the place which marks the most eastward point of Britain. One can see a concrete surface below, before the rocks and sea, which has bitumen fillings in the cracks and joins of sections of the concrete pads. I thought it looked interesting. That is what the ‘land’ is in the picture…(two different photos collaged together). Also in Lowestoft on the Esplanade is a children’s play area with those climbing frames that twist and bend. There is a montage of two different shots, which I have then contorted in the computer. The clouds are from my library, so I can’t tell you where they are from! In the sky probably. (104.17 x 84.1cm).

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Dimensions 104.17 × 84.1 cm