Abstract No.13


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Abstract No.13

The scaffolding poles were lying flat on the pavement, on the walkway at the UEA, where there was a lot of refurbishing work going on. On the lawn in front of the Sainsbury Centre, further along the walk, are three welded metal sculptures. They are titled ‘Lion 1’, ‘Crouching Beast II, and ‘Beast Alerted’. They were created by Lynn Chadwick, and are part of her and Blain/Southerns estate. I photographed a close-up section, of each, which I collaged together to create the coloured background. I do not, as a rule, photograph other artists work, and will withdraw the picture if the result is unacceptable (ditto Statute). (IR 84.1 x 55.47cm).

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Weight 65 kg
Dimensions 84.1 × 55.47 cm